List of Best VPN Service Providers For Torrents, File Sharing And P2P Downloading

You might have heard privacy and security gurus advising the use of a VPN
service for being safe and anonymous of the Internet. In the light of the recent
revelations done by Edward Snowden, VPNs have become a necessity just like
You must use a VPN service if you live in a country having too many restrictions
on what can be accessed on the Internet, or fear about your privacy and data
being snooped by some spy or the intelligence agency.

If you have nothing to hide and are not very much concerned about data theft,
then you should look at a VPN service from a different perspective. A VPN can
also be used for downloading videos, games, music and pretty much anything
from the Internet without triggering an alarm at your ISP.

We are not endorsing piracy in any way, but are just informing you about the
potential uses of a VPN.
For downloading purposes we would select only those VPN providers who do
not keep any user logs and provide good transfer speed.
So, here goes our list of some of the best VPN service providers for P2P
downloading, file sharing and downloading via torrents:

SwitchVPN is dedicated towards providing anonymous VPN service to its users
via its network of fast multi-gigabit servers across the globe. It only provides
unrestricted speed and bandwidth along with unlimited server switching, but
also promises 99.999% service up-time. SwitchVPN also brags about easy file
sharing via torrents and P2P software clients when the user connected to their
Starts at: Starts at $ 4.95/month when paid annually.

Private Internet Access
Private Internet Access is widely known as one of the best anonymous VPN
service in the world. It is very fast as it has multi-gigabit tunnel gateways in key
locations like U.S., U.K., Canada, Netherlands, etc.
Its main features include support for all popular encryption protocols, DNS-leak
protection, and auto-disconnection when VPN cloaking is not available. It even
takes the privacy a mile further by allocating a single IP address to many users.
This makes it almost impossible for the authorities to link a specific file transfer
to a particular user.
Starts at: $ 3.33/month when paid annually.

IPVanish is very popular among the downloaders as it offers unfiltered
BitTorrent traffic and also lets the users download files using P2P applications
securely. Its network spans across 60 countries with a total of more than 135
servers. It prevents deep packet inspection checks employed by many ISPs, and
also protects its users from geo-targeting.
Starts at: $ 5.52/month when paid annually.

It is fast growing VPN service offering super fast download speed. They do not
store user’s browsing history, but log the IP address and volume of data used. It
also offers iOS and Android apps and allows the user to use the same account
at 2 devices simultaneously- a mobile device and a computer.
Starts at: $ 8.32/month on an annual plan. also doesn’t log user browsing session, but might do it after taking
the user’s permission in case of a technical issue. The data is purged as off the
servers as soon as the problem is resolved. It also allows file downloading via
torrent and other P2P software.
Starts at: $ 5.833/month when paid annually (for PPTP).

It also doesn’t store user activity logs of any kind. Their terms & conditions
recommend their users to not use the service for any illegal purposes, but don’t
forbid their users from using torrent software and using P2P file sharing
TorrentPrivacy also promise its users that won’t face any problem related to
Starts at: $ 5.56/month when paid annually.

Before selecting any VPN service ask the provider for a demo or a money-back
guarantee. It will ensure that you only pay for what you like.

Download whatever you want from the Internet. We’ll take care of DMCA- SwitchVPN.

Image from page 16 of “Childs’ bulbs that bloom : bulbs that bloom plants that please berries that bear” (1920)
about vpn
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: childsbulbsthatb00john
Title: Childs’ bulbs that bloom : bulbs that bloom plants that please berries that bear
Year: 1920 (1920s)
Authors: John Lewis Childs (Firm) Henry G. Gilbert Nursery and Seed Trade Catalog Collection
Subjects: Commercial catalogs Seeds Nurseries (Horticulture) Catalogs Vegetables Seeds Catalogs Bulbs (Plants) Seeds Catalogs Seeds Catalogs Flowers Catalogs Fruit Seeds Catalogs John Lewis Childs (Firm) Commercial catalogs Nurseries (Horticulture) Vegetables Bulbs (Plants) Seeds Flowers Fruit
Publisher: Floral Park, N.Y. : John Lewis Childs, Inc.
Contributing Library: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library
Digitizing Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
y-yellow at the tips to golden-yellowbase.Incomparabilis Albatross—Large white perianth, canary cup. Incomparabilis Sea Gull—Pure white, yellow cup.Incomparabilis Lady Godiva—Perianth white, cup yel- low, edged bright scarlet. Superb form.Incomparabilis Vesuvius—White perianth, scarlet cup.Leedsi (type)—Silvery white.Amabilis—White perianth, sulphur white cup.Katharine SpurreM—Very beautiful, broad, -ilvery white perianth. Canary yellow cup.Leedsi Mrs. Langtry—Perianth white, broad white cup with primrose <j<iko. Very fine.Cjueen of England—An exquisite flower, combining white and primrose tints.Leedsi White Lady—An exquisite new Leedsi with im-mense eucliaris-ltke flowers having a pale canary cunand large, pure white perianth with broad, round,overlapping shape. Perfectly immense.All above Single Narcissus, 10c each; any 6 for BOc;the 20 sorts for .50; 80c per doz.; .50 per 100.Single Mixed Narcissus, all sorts, 60c per doz.;.50 per 100; .00 per 1000.

Text Appearing After Image:
l!! PINCERS* J9l Single Narcissus, Long Trumpet Alba Plena Odorata—Double white flower. Golden Phoenix—Bright golden-yellow. Incomparable—Large flowers as double as a Rose.Briaht canary, interspersed with orange center petals. Orange Phoenix—Nearly pure white outer petals. Cen-ter well filled with mixed white and orange petals. Sulphur Crown—Sulphur-white: Van Sion—Old but unexcelled. Extra- line for cutting.Sina-le star-like petals and long, double trumpet, lilledwith beautiful crimped petals. Golden-yellow. Price of above finest doube sorts, 10c each; the 6 for50c: any variety at 80c per doz.; .50 per 100. Double Mixed—All sorts, 65c per doz.; .00 per 100. §g3 BEST DOUBLE NARCISSUS NARCISSUS mhlp Anrni idi 5 arp vpn- attractive nn 9/>pnnn1 mT ■ Double Narcissus are very attractive on account ortl^jir large, perfectly formed blossoms, long-keepingdualities and early blooming. The fine, harmoniouscolors of white, lemon, orange, sulphur, straw andprimrose are ex

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Using A VPN For Better Internet Security

The use of a virtual private network for any individual is truly valuable. With VPN you are assured maximum security while surfing online. You can log on to whichever website you prefer, get access to databases, or merely take pleasure in social media in an absolutely safe and protected mode. Anyone will certainly enjoy the idea of 100 % privacy and confidentiality on the web. They can all rest assure that no one will obtain unauthorized access to their extremely classified information and files on the web. It stalls any sneaky and unscrupulous activities on the web either by 3rd party users or software apps as the case may be.

If you desire a much safer passage online, then use VPN. However truth be told that VPNs offer more than just a protected portal online for its users. VPNs provide individuals a customized settings feature where they can easily configure their network access and other online activities. A number of individuals can utilize a VPN at the same time and have access to websites, data sources, and other online avenues safely. However each and every deal is completely isolated from the rest. These are however a few of the many perks of using a VPN.

One fantastic benefit of using a virtual private network is being able to get through any firewall software and circumvent safety protocols. Individuals are for that reason given sufficient access to important information and files online whenever they need them. VPNs are compatible with a broad range of gadgets as well as 3rd party apps. In effect, individuals can include their own programs easily. For instance a user can make use of his web design software application to create an image. The image may then be uploaded to a certain data source. And considering that VPNs are so dynamic, it can be used together with different other programs and applications quickly.

Your VPN will certainly never ever give you issues. They can guarantee 100 % uptime which leaves you even more room for optimal efficiency and productivity. Individuals can even leverage of file or data storage on their virtual servers. VPNs offer various kinds of file storage plans for their users and everything relies on their individual bandwidth. Despite the kinds of space they might avail, the good thing is they can give full access to a large range of resources without fretting about breaching any security protocols online.

If you want to optimize your Internet searching capabilities, a VPN provider is simply the very best way to go. While they are a bit more expensive than proxy servers and rather challenging to set up, they offer users more access to bigger data sources and networks. VPN service providers are consistently updating their servers to provide much better connections for countless users also. This results in much better services for users, in addition to even more business for VPN providers and clients. Virtual private networks can also be established to help with exclusive teams of individuals. This suggests you can communicate with co-workers and colleagues from within the exact same point of entry.

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Image from page 371 of “Studien zur Familiengeschichte” (1908)
about vpn
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: studienzurfamili02kuef
Title: Studien zur Familiengeschichte
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Kuefstein, Karl, graf., d. 1925
Subjects: Kuefstein family
Publisher: Wien : W. Braumüller
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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About This Book: Catalog Entry
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Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
ahr ehelich gelebt, XVIlebendige Kinder erzeugt und deren VII hinter sich verlassen,auch XVII Enickhel erlebt, und dann nach drei Jahren ihrer Ver-wittibung ein Gemachel des auch wolgeb. Hn. Mathessen Teuffei,Freiherrn, dem Sie bei zweien Jahren ehelich beigewohnt aberkeinen Leibserben erworben: so, nachdem sie bei VII Jahrenzum andermal ein Wittib geblieben, auch das LV. Jahr IV MonatIII Tag2) ihres Alters erreicht, i. J. 1615 den XVII. Febr. in Wiensei. mit schöner Vernunft und betendem Mundt sanft verschieden.In Gegenwart aller ihrer in erster Ehe erzeugten damalen nochlebenden Hn. Söhn und Frau u. Fräul. Töchter: haben derselbenals Ihrer Liebsten Frauen Muetter diß Epitaphium zu schuldigerEhrengedächtniß machen und neben diese Grüften darinnen dersei. Leichnam ruhet, aufrichten lassen.« *) Dr. H. Tietze, Jahrb. d. k. k. Zentral-Komm., IIP, 1905. 2) Die Schrift auf dem Sarge sagt, offenbar unrichtig, 5 Monate. 29 Tage und3 Stunden und gibt den 18. Februar als Sterbetag an.

Text Appearing After Image:
Denkmal der Anna Freifrau vpn Khuefstaiii in der Kirche von Maria-Laach auf dem Jauerling, errichtet i. J. 1615 (von Alex. Colins). aitenhaslach Magdalena X I49°:idre der Zebinger zuGraz org Ehrenreich t 1584Konstantinopelaet. 24 [ustinaConcordia Claudia m Testament ihres Vaters v. 1595 nicht erwähnt, also erst nachher geboren) ■ 1660 Hoffräulein der Erzherzogin Claudia 15. Juli 1631 X Veit Benno Graf Brandis Anna f 1555 X 1544 Wolf- gang Frh. Rueber zu Pixendorfund Grafenwörth Tochter X. X Melchior Maschko Regina f 1561 Veronica f 1595X 1550 Wolf ; 1555 Leopold Benedict Kornfail zu Arnsdorf und Würmla Steger zu Ladendorf und Obergreitzstetten Elisabeth X 1585 Hector von Senderndorf Barbara| 1. Sept. 1563 X 3 Juni !562 Leopold von Pötting zu Persing und Murstetten 1 I571 Maria Salome PolixenaX Ferdinandvon Schifer Hans Christofgeb. io. Mai 1563 Franz Adam Graf Brandis (Verfasser des Ehrenkränzleins von Tyrol) genannt. schalteten Tage die Berechnungen unsicher machten. Kuefs

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Precisely how VPN can solve issues

VPN are usually, often times, probably not noticed as an sufficient answer to the various networking problems that we experience in nowadays globe. This is just a thing that a lot of folks feel, in fact, virtual private networks certainly are a huge difficulty and so are found in a lot of things related with the internet. Let’s take a glance at where you can buy these virtual private networks, together with why they’re so essential in today’s planet.

These networks help you entry your own personal information everywhere you go you would like. To possess an illustration, you’ve use of folders from your property computer at function. This can be done dealing with a VPN circle after which enabling them to link you entirely to a different server.

VPN options are ideal for straightforward problems that you could experience over a regular basis. Being blocked from the website is amongst the many that it’s likely you’ve got. Solve each one of these issues with a new VPN, it doesn’t issue if you happen to be banned also as limited by way of heading on that particular website. The virtual private network will definitely hook as much as however an additional IP tackle also as something that 1 does following becoming a member of will all be coupled with a special Ip deal with. One other concern which you may well encounter will be when you’re touring about to other countries. A few international locations perform censorship on selected websites along with prohibits you against accessing all of them, the sole approach to make it via it is a VPN. Most of the time your government physique is defending you so it is probably not needed.

This is the portion exactly where we will have in which you can discover your VPN solutions. You can purchase vpn in several various web websites but there’s often some kind of a establish restrict. There are free vpns too but there are problems with all of them that we need to take a look at. Since it is free it takes minimal expense. All you may have to do is usually to find it upon different internet sites. Nevertheless the fact that is free of charge should currently concern an individual, this means that the security on they are usually nonexistent. Also free VPN does not exercise each of the time that can bring about a volatile connection to the internet. Buying your own personal vpn may be an financial commitment I recommend you producing. Quit stressing to considerably and obtain wonderful connection to the internet also.

Thanks for looking around, find more about us at our different vpn solution places.

Giving the SocialVPN Talk
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Image by johnynek
This is me giving the SocialVPN talk at the COPS 2008 Workshop. You can find the slides and the paper on the COPS wiki.

I was very pleased our paper won the best paper award. The project is about using Social Networking systems to make creating P2P-VPNs totally automatically. It’s amazingly great. Check out the web site and software.

Why Not Choose UK VPN

Everyone is going to find it very difficult for you to go out there and find the best thing for you, when it comes to VPN then it is the same. Trying to get the best UK VPN company for you might be tough, there are going to be so many people that say they cannot find the best and really that is going to be the truth, there are many that choose VPN but that doesn’t mean to say that they have got the best either. You know that trying to get the best is much more than just searching the web.There are so many people that will have to take their time and even spend money to find the best, it is difficult but they can be found if you know what to look for. You are going to have to think about the different things you need including the quality and level of support that you need.

You want VPN but how can you do so safely and without parting with your money? You might think that finding the best UK VPN companies will mean that you have to try a few companies out first, well yes, many of us will do so but if you know how to get the best UKVPN provider then you save your money and even though it will take a little more time than you would like, it is still worthwhile.There are a few things that you can do to stay safe while searching for your VPN; the first really has to be look around for a few companies and then when you have a few in mind, look at their reputations and what people really know about these companies. It could help you, it takes time but worth every minute if it means you get the best UK VPN provider.

Saying something and actually going to do it are two very different things, there are too many of us out there today that make a promise to themselves that they will find the best UK VPN service for them. Though when it really comes down to it, very little of us actually find what we are looking for and give up, now you can stick to that promise because there is the best UK VPN Service provider out there that will help you to stay safe while you are using the web.It can be made simpler when you know what you are looking for, just remember that you have to try your best to find VPN. It’s not for everyone of course but once you find VPN, you will be happy that you have this. It will cost you money but nothing to complain about, it’s well worth it.

The name is Mitchell Jeff student of medical 26 years of age

Day 3
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Image by brimston3
This is our parking lot at work on a Saturday. This weekend was a maintenance weekend. I spent most of the time at home updating boxes over the vpn. I had to go in to fix one machine as it required physical access.

I had dinner with my parents and grandparents. I watched several Deep Space 9 episodes. I thought about the time tracker project some more but didn’t code any on it.

Factors responsible in determining the best VPN Protocol


There is a wide use of virtual private network now a days and recent studies have shown a significant increase in no of users of VPN user all over the world. The main pros of the Virtual Private Network is its great solution to the security needs of internet. Although there are many people around the globe who are using VPN but still as a user they have a lot of questions revolving in their mind about the issues of services given by a VPN services provider. There are a lot of service providers for VPN on market and they offer a variety of services which are different from each other thus this leads to lot of confusion among the user and this leads to lot of FAQ about the services given by the service providers. The VPN IP are the set of rules which are predesigned by the owner which are used for communication purpose, the communication is between the devices and the servers.


There are many factors which must be duly checked and verified, and among them the first one is the device used by the user, we have to check its compatibility and then decide the protocol type best suited for the user. There’s a lot of variance in the protocol which we will see as we change the device. For e.g. if we take a mobile devices, there are certain boundary for communication i.e. supporting same protocols, this problems comes due the configurations mismatch between the various mobile devices like the type of processor, performance, memory etc. If we now compare the mobile devices with a desktop then desktop stands out the winner as they platform many protocols type while the mobile devices can’t do such thing to a great context. Mobile device need some extra specifications to do such work. The inbuilt protocol is the best supported protocol for a device. The user should have to be aware about the protocols and should keep a fish eye to get the best protocols suited for their business.


The main types of protocol are PPTP, OPEN VPN and L2TP/IPSec. These protocols are of different nature and provide different services at different level, but the good thing is that they provide very good surfing speed. Let consider an e.g. the L2TP/IPSEC need very high speed of processing to hide the data or to make it safe during transmission and reception of data. This is the slowest among the three but is much secure than the others. The Open VPN is the best protocol to be used in desktop. But determining the best one depends upon the user and his type of business.

At last coming to conclusion the best way to determine the best suited protocol is to identify the need or purpose of use and plan it accordingly. So, do a little research before deciding the best VPN service provider that suits your requirements and provide you with the best security to your personal data.

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Image from page 293 of “Manly Palmer Hall collection of alchemical manuscripts, 1500-1825” (1600)
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Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: manlypalmerhbox18v7hall
Title: Manly Palmer Hall collection of alchemical manuscripts, 1500-1825
Year: 1600 (1600s)
Authors: Hall, Manly P. (Manly Palmer), 1901-1990 Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624 Bacstrom, Sigismond Cagliostro, Alessandro, conte di, 1743-1795 Maier, Michael, 1568?-1622. Atalanta fugiens Ripley, George, d. 1490? Ripley scroll
Subjects: Cagliostro, Alessandro, conte di, 1743-1795 Alchemy Hermetism Freemasonry Freemasons Occultism Rosicrucians
Contributing Library: Getty Research Institute
Digitizing Sponsor: Getty Research Institute

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Text Appearing Before Image:
/ rv ^r i-f- tr^t^^/^-fcc £^^i^ V^.^^Arx./^ ^^-A-^^*>-f V^:^*£j^^ ,;^ //T^ / //T.- 0v^ frfo^, s.^ ^^ c^ &^,^4n*^. f^^^r ^/iJZ €^ 9fyKm4-fr7ra^,-f{fa^ Vpn ■^rr/4- cc£4^^ i>C^-ri-^ .^- «^^»r-/« ^Ti^w/^ o«t*>rTt*^ /d )7^*f7 /Tt*^ A^iF&t>o:rTi! •Di^f-irj – ^ QhiiMii cation ^t^^yT^tfAi>f?cft0-fP<tfrt,jf>^cfct*^ p{iXa/r;^hnnf^ 2/ tB^/f^ Ij-p*^. 4^^irf^/^ f^aL£/t^vy^^^t4^^. ^^/-„«,«^fys^^^s-^^–* /^V.^oc^ V?,-^<?^/:-^ _ / fv-Bfr^t^^/^^^hr ^OL^ {^j S(i<^

Text Appearing After Image:
5- a;pnr^>z^^ frj -fKarrt if^^^o ^*^*<*^^ •C <»-ft1 jk^*^ «*?J^yv«w&a«/-^ ^^ 7^-^Ul^,A.<»-^ .^

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Access Blocked Sites in UAE Using the Best VPN For UAE!

Are you located in a country that blocks access to the internet? If so, then you will want to use VPN, otherwise known as a virtual private network that encrypts and tunnels internet traffic. If you live in an area such as the UAE that has tight censorship restrictions, then using the best VPN will allow you to circumnavigate these restrictions and access the internet. You will have the ability to access Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, and even VoIP. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read the tips and guide below.

It will not be long before you can access blocked sites in the UAE using the best VPN for UAE. By using VPN, your internet activity is encrypted and secure. You would connect to your internet service provider as normal, then log into the VPN service and you will soon have the ability to access the blocked internet sites that the UAE and other governments feel they want to restrict.

The internet restrictions in the UAE are determined by the government. These restricted sites are determined by moral, political, or religious censorship. Included in these restricted sites is gambling, dating sites, pornographic sites (face book is considered to contain all three restrictions), and even VoIP (Skype). In the UAE, there are only two internet service providers making it quite easy for the UAE government to monitor access. By using the best VPN for the UAE, you will have the ability to access blocked sites anonymously.

The Best VPN for accessing blocked sites in the UAE works by providing a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and a server. You begin by logging into your own internet service provider in the UAE and then, once connected, your IP address is changed making it appear as if you were in another location such as the US, depending on which server you are connected to. You will then have the ability to access blocked sites in the UAE using the best VPN for the UAE. The only restriction is the use of torrent sites that violate copyrights and the best VPN for the UAE wants to provide great content for all the users of the best VPN service for the UAE.

Using VPN in the UAE is also completely legal in the UAE. Many foreign companies that conduct business in the UAE provide their remote employees with the best VPN service for the UAE to allow unrestricted internet access while residing and conducting business in the UAE. By using the best VPN in UAE to access blocked sites in the UAE, you will have the ability to surf the internet unimpeded anonymously over the best secure and encrypted servers available. The encryption takes what you are searching for and turns it into characters that are completely undecipherable such as %^&*$ # to represent a site string such as Facebook. By using the best VPN in the UAE, you will be surfing the internet in no time, safely, securely, and anonymously.

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Image from page 167 of “Pacific wine and spirit review” (1897)
about vpn
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: pwsr3861897241897sanfrich
Title: Pacific wine and spirit review
Year: 1897 (1890s)
Subjects: Viticulture Wine and wine making
Publisher: San Francisco, Calif. : [s.n.]
Contributing Library: San Francisco Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: The Wine Librarians Association

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About This Book: Catalog Entry
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Click here to view book online to see this illustration in context in a browseable online version of this book.

Text Appearing Before Image:
P. C. ROSSL President SWISS A. SBARBORO, Secretary .p,t4^vv.ooco. ^V^» ASTI, SONOHA CO., CAL. ^O PRODUCERS OF FINE ^h CALIFORNIA WINES and BRANDIES -AND- mONTECRISTO CHflfnPflGHES (Naturally Fkrmk.nteu in Bottles.) (>i-itiifl I>iploni:i of Honor- Ilitflif^^t ^V>vui-«l <-iio:i, I(:il,v. 1^1»M olI<-<l:il <:i I Hoi itiii TUADK .MAUiv RKGI.-iTF.RED OCTOBER 8TH, 189-=^.CiolI«>«liiI l.>iil>liii, Ti-olniKl. IMOMCiiold .>Ii:iii lii.vpn, lr«l»:{ MAIN OFFICE, 518 MONTGOMERY STREET – – SAN FRANCISCODEPOT AND CELLARS. 109 BATTERY STREET BETWEEN CALIFORNIA AND PINE STREETS P. I<-<l!il Tui-iii. L. GANDOLFI &, C. ROSSI VKRlVrOUTH IIiu:li»i-<1 Cliioaaro, 1894- CO., Eastern Agents I^AI.lA^^ IMroHTKRS OF IXl-;iS A.MU KKOIJUCa 30 f/reifie WI^E ;«VJSII3 Sflf^lT F^EVIEW. CHARLES BUNOSCMU. PmtdenI CARL GUNDLACH. VICE Prctibrnl HENRY GUNOLACH. Sccrctan

Text Appearing After Image:
GUNUI,AC11-BUNI)SCIUJ WINE COMPANY Siiooesst)i>^ t.. .|. G I.: XL) LAC H c^ CO. Vineyard Proprietors and Shippers of Calilbniiii Wines aiid liraiiilics, ■(|undjac|ic^ * SAN pRAN CI SCO – -/J EW Yo RK^^^ rr.oiiiifioiis RHINE FARM, mm. ql d BACCHUS WINE VAULTS, 438-4-42 Bryant St., S. F San Jrattrlsi-i> OJJicr, s. /;. ir Ydi-I. JtriiiiliS E Cor WATTS & WASHINGTON STS I Itouis ^um CMaone fligbest Grade in the World! Used by All the Leading Clubs Hotels and Restaurants . . , Kor sale by All Kirst-ClassGrocers and AViiie Merciiaiits.

Note About Images
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What to Keep in Mind While Choosing SSL VPN for Your Business

Driving corporate success and increasing employee productivity remote connectivity has become crucial for the enterprise. And SSL is gaining tremendous popularity as a remote access tool as they provide remote workers with secure access to enterprise resources via the Internet by encrypting all communications between company networks and remote user machines. The SSL VPN technology facilitates easy migration and offers a cost-effective, easier to deploy remote access solution than IPSec. Its blend of flexibility and function makes it extremely competitive.

Remote desktop access typically needed administrators to install, configure, and maintain special software on the users’ computers, prior to SSL VPN. VPNs were expensive and complicated to operate, and therefore remote access was only offered to a few corporate employees. All the shortcomings and concerns of remote access were done away with the SSL VPN technology and essentially any computer with a Web browser can be used for remote access, with the SSL VPN technology. It offers utmost security and control with unmatched safeguards for taking care of business-critical information.

There is a wide rage of solutions available in today’s growing SSL VPN market, and it is therefore necessary to consider many factors before making a choice to purchase the best SSL VPN product. Besides security and the user experience, cost is another very important consideration to keep in mind. Management of authentication certificates is not necessary with SSL VPNs. This makes SSL VPNs much cheaper, and this factor alone may be a key issue when deciding whether to use SSL or IPSec VPNs. Unlike most IPSec environments, you do not need paid-for client software. In addition, set up and management is also much easier.

As all the data is encrypted over the Internet using SSL, the end-point security agent authenticates requests are based on user and device identity and the administrator’s comfort level for a given device or access environment. Deployment, management, and administration are extremely simple and effective. Integrated compression, connection pooling and hardware-accelerated encryption, there is fast performance for each user, even under the heaviest load. It allows interoperability between different vendors and applications with no client software costs. SSL VPN can ensure an enormous reduction in the requirement to manage certificates.

A proper selection of a SSL VPN device can be made with an understanding of today’s as well as the future needs. Knowing more about the existing SSL VPN solutions and being updated about the future developments is a good idea, as this can help in making an informed decision regarding secure remote access requirements of your organization.

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Open Space Day
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Image by T Gibbison
No Linux support for wireless unless you muck about with a VPN…

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Benefits of XO Communications MPLS IP-VPN Service for Business

XO Communications offers MPLS IP-VPN as a superior service allowing you more time to focus on business rather than managing your network.

All around network performance is in higher demand than ever before and converged IP services make this easier than ever. With their MPLS IP-VPN service, XO offers the convenience of a WAN (Wide Area Network) solution perfect for multi-location businesses. While beating out traditional WAN solutions, this MPLS service from XO provides more bang-for-your-buck in the form of higher bandwidth at lower costs, reduced operating costs, accelerated application deployment, and additional access options. As a leading provider, XO provides SLAs (Service Level Agreements) that are very competitive in terms of jitter and packet loss.

Beyond offering a simplified network management system, reducing overall operating costs, and accelerating application speed while increasing performance for users throughout your WAN, XO MPLS offers other substantial benefits:

Increased Performance – Classes of Service (CoS) prioritize applications and network traffic in accordance with level of significance you assign. Network solutions also have superb QoS (Quality of Service) guarantees.Security – MPLS IP-VPN solutions deliver secure communications for multi-location networks over the private XO backbone. Additionally data is isolated from customers and public access to the Internet.Cost-Effectivity – Combining voice, video, and data networks onto a single application prioritizing IP network. In converging all networks savings are substantial while offering increases in bandwidth.Flexibility – XO offers a wide range of Ethernet bandwidth, ranging from 3 to 1000 Megabits per second. Other scalable options available include those ranging from DS1 to OC48.Privacy – Confidently share data and files between end users and/or multiple locations, as traffic is kept entirely separate from the public Internet.Intelligence – Applications are prioritized for CoS. XO Communications’ routing intelligence is situated within their own network, not within customer, on-site equipment.Vast Coverage – XO Communications’ extensive network allows businesses to connect locally, nationally, and internationally at key locations.Management – Allowing more time for you to focus on actual business and less time worrying about your network performance, XO offers superior support and management in various levels to best suit your individual organization. XO manages customer premise equipment (CPE) at each network location.

XO Communications MPLS network services could be the perfect solution for your business with reduced operating costs and increased application performance all pushing towards greater productivity. Visit our website today to get set up with the most perfect networking solution for your business!

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